FAQ : The Experience of Preserve Elk Hunting

We understand your apprehension about booking a hunt on a hunting preserve ranch and we would like to address some questions you might have with this list of answers.

What is the hunting method on White Peaks Ranch?

Our primary hunting method is spot and stalk. During the rut, we use calling techniques, decoys, and waterhole setups as well.

What is the difference between a hunting preserve and public land hunting?

With current state management programs, elk herd numbers and trophy quality are declining drastically. The years of shooting a 6×6 bull every year with an over-the-counter permit are almost forgotten in today’s hunting world. White Peaks Ranch provides the same quality hunting experience you will find in the wild, with two differences. You WILL see more elk, and you WILL take a trophy home. We guarantee it! We have the ability

How many acres will I be hunting on?

White Peaks operates over 10000 acres of private land. Our Idaho trophy elk hunts take place on a 4000 acre hunting preserves and our Utah hunts take place on a 1500 acre preserve..

How do I know this is a real and accredited elk outfitter?

Please view the Elk Hunting organization website to see elk outfitters in our area and more information. http://www.elk-hunting.org/elk-hunting-outfitters/utah-elk-hunting Also you may review our ratings on http://www.outfittersrating.com

How difficult is this hunt going to be?

This hunt will be one of the most exciting hunts you will ever participate in. The elk are skittish and must be stalked carefully. Big Bulls that live on our preservs learn to hide and also tactics that can outsmart even the most experienced hunters. You will be surprised at the challenge that lies before you. Our guides are some of the most qualified elk callers and hunters in the West, and will be sure to get you into a shooting position. Goto our YouTube page to watch videos of our hunts : http://www.youtube.com/user/WhitePeaksHunting

What does a “guaranteed hunt” mean? What if I don’t harvest an elk?

Our guarantee is that you will be presented with an opportunity to harvest an elk. Our clients do not pay for their hunt package until they harvest the animal of their choice. In other words; No Kill, No Pay! You will be able to return on a future hunt if needs be to harvest your bull elk.

Where do the elk on White Peaks come from?

The elk harvested on our hunts are native born White Peaks elk. We manage our own herd numbers and genetics, thus producing the highest quality trophies in the industry.

When is the bugle (rut) season?

Generally, you will see bugling elk and rut activity on our ranches between September and October.

What are the weapon restrictions?

There are very few restrictions, however, we recommend a .270 caliber or better for rifles, 40# peak draw weight for bows, and broadheads with a minimum of 100 gr. weight.

Who will my guide be? Are they real hunters?

Your host and outfitter will be Austin Atkinson. He is a professional hunter from Arizona. He currently holds a guide license in Alaska, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona, guiding hunts for everything from Mule Deer to Grizzly Bear. His experience comes from these years of guiding successful clients around the country. He is accompanied by Greg Golightly, an Idaho outfitter and elk expert. A small handful of guides work with these two outfitters each season on White Peaks Ranch. You will come as a client, and leave as a friend. All of our guides are modern, advanced style hunters that live and breathe the mountains.

Why should I choose White Peaks over other High Fence hunting ranches?

With White Peaks you get personal attention to your hunting style. We keep our operation small, so that you can have the quality experience you desire. Our prices are the most reasonable on the market, our lodges are first-class, and our past clients stand behind us. We have spent years acquiring prime land in the Rocky Mountains that provided the World-Class hunting opportunities we desired. You will be able to tell the superior genetics in all of our bull elk far surpass all other elk ranches.